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Best Knives of 2022

Safe to say, I’ve been a knife guy most of my life. I’m an avid collector as well as a knife user. As many of you know, I write regularly for Knives Illustrated. I also write a fair number of knife reviews for Backwoods Survival Guide. The other day, I posted a short “gift guide” for the holiday season. This time around, I wanted to share a quick list of knives that I heartily recommend and that would make for great gifts, for yourself or for others on your list. Continue reading

Review – Dissolution: The Wyoming Chronicles, Book 1 by W. Michael Gear

I’ll tell you up front that I liked this book quite a bit, even though the odds were kind of stacked against it for me.

While this is definitely a post-apocalyptic sort of novel, the disaster here isn’t EMP or nuclear war. Rather, it is a cyber attack that collapses the US banking system. Much of the story is told from the perspective of Sam Delgado. He’s an anthropology student from New York and, along with several other students, is headed to a high-altitude archeological dig in Wyoming. They’ll be based out of a large ranch, but going by horse-pack up into the wilderness to camp at the site. Continue reading