Best Knives of 2022

Safe to say, I’ve been a knife guy most of my life. I’m an avid collector as well as a knife user. As many of you know, I write regularly for Knives Illustrated. I also write a fair number of knife reviews for Backwoods Survival Guide. The other day, I posted a short “gift guide” for the holiday season. This time around, I wanted to share a quick list of knives that I heartily recommend and that would make for great gifts, for yourself or for others on your list.

I’m limiting this list to knives that are readily available for purchase at the time I’m posting this article. These aren’t all necessarily knives that debuted in 2022. Rather, this is just a collection of knives that I’ve used this year, whether for reviews or just recreation.

Carbon Stealth
Maker: Argali Outdoors

This is a new-to-me knife company. I was introduced to the brand by Jason Thoune at DLT Trading. The Carbon Stealth is just an incredible knife. It is very lightweight, just 1.8 ounces, so you barely notice it in your pocket or on your belt. It is thin and like a laser beam as it slices and cuts.

I usually just carry it in my pocket, but you could easily tie to a pack strap or something, if that’s your preference. The Carbon Stealth is very comfortable to hold and use. It is perfect as a camp knife as you can use it for whittling or carving as well as food prep.

Find it here at DLT Trading.

South Pole
Maker: TRC Knives

I reviewed the South Pole for Knives Illustrated earlier this year. I was familiar with the brand but this was my first knife from them. I actually received it as a gift from a good friend, and one hell of a present it was. It is, hands down, one of the most comfortable knives I’ve ever used. The handle just melts into your grip.

The only real negative, in my opinion, is that it has a Kydex sheath, rather than leather. This is 100% just a matter of personal preference. The Kydex sheath fits the knife perfectly and there are no concerns about its quality. I just prefer leather, that’s all.

Find it here at DLT Trading.

Classic 6-inch Utility Knife

I’ve done the majority of the cooking in our family for many years. It is something I rather enjoy, and a good set of kitchen knives goes a long way toward making the job easier. Now, here’s the thing. I’ve never taken cooking classes and the only job I ever had in food service involved washing dishes and bussing tables. So, while I get by just fine, I’m certain that some of what I do in the kitchen would give professionals some sort of fit. For example, knife use. I have a couple of really nice chef knives, but I hardly ever use them. I prefer a mid-size utility knife for almost everything.

WÜSTHOF is one of the top companies out there when it comes to kitchen cutlery. This 6-inch utility knife has served me quite well over the last year or more. I use it for everything from trimming meat to processing veggies. This is the sort of knife that will last a lifetime with just minimal care.

Find it here at Amazon.

110 Folding Hunter
Maker: Buck Knives

This is an absolute classic and even casual knife users will recognize it immediately. While its name is the 110 Folding Hunter, many people just refer to it as a Buck Knife. I’ve owned one or another of them for most of my life. My first one was given to me when I was about 8 years old and I carried it for several years, losing it in my early teens. I bought another one when I was in my 20s and I have it ever since.

Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to tour the Buck Knives factory in Idaho and got to see how they build the knives from start to finish. Despite having around 250 employees, the company has a distinct family feel to it. They’ve been around for well over 100 years and are still going strong today. Buck is truly an American treasure and the 110 Folding Hunter is one of their very best designs.

Find it here at DLT Trading.

Classic Drop Point Hunter
Maker: Bark River Knives

Bark River Knives offers a dizzying array of models, from ones that are small enough to wear on a lanyard around your neck to machetes. The Classic Drop Point Hunter (CDPH) is an excellent fixed blade knife that’s suitable for just about any outdoor adventure. The S45VN steel holds a great edge, too.

The CDPH has a thick, almost chunky sort of handle that’s comfortable to use, even for extended periods. It comes with a sturdy leather sheath.

Find it here at DLT Trading.

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