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Layering Your EDC*
Necessity vs. Luxury*
Safe Tick Removal
Conserving Resources*
Review: After the Bomb–Week One
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Two Improvised Defense Weapons
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Complication-Free Food Storage*
Emergency Med Storage Option
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Evacuation Checklists
Charity Buckets*
Flashlight Modification Tip
Belt Pouch Survival Kit*
Improvised Stoves*
Open to Close – how folding knives operate*
Self-Reliance Skills
Eating on the Trail*
Top Five End of the World Movies
How to Handle Common Garden Pests*
Critical Thinking*
Precious Metals
The Best is What You Have*
Apple AirTags
Let There Be Light*
Choosing a Folding Knife
Roles in a Survival Group*
Prepping Questions I Can’t Answer*
Edible Landscaping*
Best DIY Fire Starter?
Finding Natural Sources of Water
Fire Straws
Living Off the Land While Bugging Out*
Choosing a Bug Out Location*
Review: STRANDED by Melinda Braun
Community Asset Assessment*
Common Myths*
Filling Bellies on a Budget*
Hot Weather Preps*
Holiday Grocery Shopping
Be Your Own Meteorologist*
Prepper Tableware
Choosing a Defense Knife*
Bug Out Realities*
EDC Tool Kit*
Prepper Expos
Sex Offender Registry Searches
Review: Jericho (2006 TV series)
Common Sense is a Survival Skill*
Playing with Fire*
Vetting Potential Group Members*
Sneak Peek – Prepping with Children
Information Sources and Confirmation Bias*
Sneak Peek – Financial Prepping
Kitchen Knife Buyer’s Guide*
Concerns About Current Events
Income Generators*
Human Waste Disposal*
Booby Traps, Redux
Self-Defense with an Impact*
Castaway Depots and Preparedness
Skills vs Stuff*
Clock Out and Hunker Down
Household Supplies Useful in Disasters*
Birth Control*
Get a Handle on It
Realities of Self-Defense*
Cold Frames*
What Did We Learn (part 2)*
What Did We Learn?
Keeping Clean After a Disaster*
Nickels and Dimes*
One More Reason Hydration is Important
Seeking Out Learning Opportunities*
Seed Selection
Actively Participate in Your World*
Avoiding Disasters
Planning for Post-Disaster Barter*
45K on 20LBS*
2023 Ice Storm – After Action Report
Overcoming Prepper Hurdles*
Swiss Army Knives
Practice Makes Perfect – the importance of drills*
Review: After the Bomb by Gloria D. Miklowitz
Frugal Meal Planning*
Throwing a Knife in Self-Defense*
The Many Uses of the Shemagh
Survival Psychology*
Evacuation Planning – where to go, what to bring
Cash and the Bug Out Bag*
Home Safety: Fall Prevention
Scratch Cooking*
PPE for the BOB*
Address Signage and Emergencies
Vital Ingredient for a Successful Group*
Property Insurance
Rule of Three – Essay #1*
Review: Greenland (2020)
Reducing Your Footprint*
Protecting Your Financial House*
Every Day Carry
Don’t Risk a Lot for a Little*
Lemonade Lifestyle
Bug Out Bags are Overrated*
The Home Cache
Signaling for Survival*
Use Down Time Wisely*
Booby Traps Are a Bad Idea*
Kelly Kettle
Wolf Preppers*
Those Aren’t Expiration Dates
Common Bits of Bad Advice*
Cheap Preps*
Digital Privacy
Shopping Off the Beaten Path*
DIY Seed Tape
Self-Care is Important*
How Many Kits Do You Need?
How to Choose a Survival Knife*
Preparedness Tips for Senior Citizens*
Transfer on Death Deed
Predicting the Weather*
Arguments about Prepping
Urban EDC*
Three Elements to a Security Plan
Defense Without the Bang*
Are You Not Entertained?*
Dealing with Potentially Violent Crowds
Avoid Stray Cat Syndrome*
Preventing Lost Gear
Defense Weapons in Non-Permissive Environments
Beating the Winter Blues*
Getting Family On Board with Prepping*
Candles – a helpful fire starting tool
Is Your OPSEC Too Tight?*
DIY Hoop House
Choosing a Survival Knife*
Emergency Food Storage 101
Avoid Prepper Tourist Traps*
“I’m Coming to Your House!”*
Run, Hide, Fight
Town Mouse vs Country Mouse*
What’s the Deal with Layers?
Avoid the “I Can’t” Crutch*
Prep for Winter Storms
Lethal Force vs Stopping Power*
Hardening the Home*
First Aid Supplies
Confidence vs. Arrogance*
Meal Planning and Food Storage
Be Hard to Kill*
Portable Door Security
Unnecessary Hardships*
Barter Goods Shouldn’t be a Priority*
Creating an Indoor Microclimate
Common Prepping Mistakes*
Cordage for Survival Kits
Are you even listening? Interpersonal communication for the survivalist*
Review – Small Game by Blair Braverman
Survival Thermodynamics*
Are You Not Entertained?*
How to Jump Start a Vehicle
Unconventional Warfare, The Home Edition*
Sillcock Key
The Death File*
Water (Part 2)
Survival Spycraft – Where Q Meets Rambo*
Disguises — good or bad idea?*
Hiking Safety
Takin’ It to the City*
Keep Track of Your Purchases
Workplace Violence Preparedness*
Prepper Terminology
The Ultimate Cache?*
The Hospital Go Bag*
Winter Power Outages
Pet Preparedness*
Cell Phone as a Survival Tool
There Are No Rules for Prepping
Behind the Scenes – Sustain Supply and Hurricane Preparedness
Fire Ignition Options
Why So Serious?
Review – Fieldcraft Survival Modular Pouch
Water (Part 1)
Review – Blaze Firestarter
Frugal Living – Shopping the Retail Seasons
Stay or Go
Three Steps to Survival
Earning Extra Cash with Credit Cards
Stashing Cash
Protect Yourself First
Faraday Cages
Survival Myths vs Survival Realities
Home Fire Drills
EDC Layers
Assembling a Snow Pantry
Growing Garlic
Survival Schools
Multiple Uses of Tarps
Rule of Threes
Stockpiling Prescription Medication
Rally Points
Post-Disaster Information Gathering
Activities of Daily Living
Excerpt – Seed Saving and Storage
Communication Skills – Tact
Short-Term vs Long-Term
Excerpt – Scavenging
Do One Thing
Review – The Rover (2014)
Active Shooter
Disguises for Disasters?
Simple Medical Preps
The Disaster Tool Kit
Is Your OPSEC Too Tight?
What Bugging Out Means to Me
The Ultimate Cache: Self-Storage Units
The Hospital Go Bag
Growing Food Under the Radar
Bug Out Bag Odds and Ends
Recommended Reading List
Basic Food Storage Planning
Prepping for Job Loss
Networking with Local Preppers
My Prepping Philosophy