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Jim has authored several books about preparedness. He’s also written hundreds of articles for several magazines, including OFFGRID, Survivor’s Edge, American Survival Guide / American Outdoor Guide – Boundless, Knives Illustrated, and EDC.

He is the Editor-in-Chief for Prepper Survival Guide and Backwoods Survival Guide magazines.

Here’s what some people have said about Jim and his work.

“Jim Cobb is perhaps the most well-respected author in the preparedness community.” Joe Alton, MD, author of The Survival Medicine Handbook. 

“Jim Cobb is the voice of reason and experience with all things survival. If he says something works then you know you’re getting solid, field-tested information from a respected leader in the survival industry who is constantly applying his skills and incorporating what he teaches into his daily life. Jim is the go-to guy for learning how to prepare for an urban disaster so you and your family can prevail through an unexpected emergency.” — Tony Nester, Author of the Knife-Only Survival Book

“Jim Cobb is an encyclopedia of disaster readiness knowledge. This book is a must-have for anyone’s reference material, including my own.” — Craig Caudill, Director, Nature Reliance School

“Jim is the author you read when you want no nonsense preparedness and survival. You won’t find myths and unproven tactics in his writings, just practical advice you can put to good use!” — Todd Sepulveda, host of The Prepper Website Podcast

“Jim Cobb is one of the most practical, no-nonsense preparedness authors around. You can always count on him to cut through the nonsense of unrealistic advice and boil it down to logical, down-to-earth steps that will work for anyone. The survival world sincerely needs a book that was written for preppers living in urban and suburban areas and this book promises to offer solid gold advice.” — Daisy Luther, Founder of

“Jim Cobb is a master at what it takes to survive in the city or anywhere. He provides you with the basic skills and knowledge for handling challenging situations ethically, with the big picture in mind. Jim gives you the tools and the knowledge for finding your path of self-reliance, for surviving with a smile when others are panicking.” — Christopher Nyerges, author of How To Survive Anywhere

“I have worked with Jim Cobb for many years and his dedication to, and knowledge of, the topic of prepping is invaluable. His books are an indispensable resource for anyone serious about preparing themselves and their family for unexpected disaster.” — Joshua Swanagon, Founder/Editor, Knife & Gear Society

Here are all of Jim’s books that are currently available.