August 2023

Photo credit: Jim Cobb
Location: Price Park, Elkhorn, WI

Focus of the Month – Organization

Reading Recommendations:
Non-fiction book – The Prepper’s Workbook by Scott Williams and Scott Finazzo
Fiction book — Edge of Collapse by Kyla Stone

I often say that if you can’t find a piece of gear or equipment when you need it, you might as well have never bought it in the first place. I might not go so far as to outline my tools in marker on my pegboard in the garage, but I can’t stand having to search for something when I need it. While an inconvenience when you’re, say, building a deck, it could be far more critical if it happens in a crisis.

Here’s an article I wrote a while back with all sorts of suggestions on keeping your prep supplies organized.

* * *

Organization isn’t just for stuff; it also applies to information. In The Prepper’s Workbook by Scott Williams and Scott Finazzo, the authors guide you through a series of forms and prompts so that you can keep all of your critical information at your fingertips. This is very much an interactive book and one that you’ll want in hard copy rather than electronic.

* * *

In Edge of Collapse, author Kyla Stone puts a very interesting spin on the whole “EMP took down the grid” trope. When the power goes down, it is a tragedy for most people. For Hannah Sheridan, it means freedom. She’s spent the last few years trapped in the basement of a small cabin, way off the beaten path, as the victim of a serial killer. No power means the electronic locks on the door aren’t working, so she makes a break for it. Which isn’t easy given that she’s almost nine months pregnant with her captor’s baby.

* * *

August 21 – The Importance of Quiet

Let’s face facts. Between work, TV, social media, texting, emails, and more all clamoring for our attention, many of us are in a near-constant state of overstimulation. This can leave you feeling anxious, depressed, or just plain out of sorts.

It is critical to make time on a regular basis for quiet. This could be formal meditation, prayer, or even just sitting or laying in bed with ear plugs in and maybe even an eye mask.

Here’s a great article on why you need more silence in your life. Strive for five to fifteen minutes twice a day. I know, if you’re a parent of small children, that sounds ridiculous. And some days, it will be absolutely impossible. Been there, done that. But that doesn’t mean the next day you can’t try again.